Tribute To Caro Emerald

How & Why I Started My Tribute To Caro Emerald!


My Tribute To Caro Emerald….How did it start?…..Having worked as a professional solo vocalist for many years, singing a wide repertoire of material, I found myself in 2011 looking into the tribute act market. I had many friends who were working successfully as tribute acts and I had always thought about trying it myself. However I hadn’t heard or seen any singer that I resembled or sounded like so it seemed like a bit of a non starter!

After a night of singing in Manchester, on my journey home, I stopped for a coffee break at Birch Services on the M62. It was here where I bumped into a friend and fellow solo vocalist, so we sat down together for a catch up and coffee. The subject of tribute acts arose and I told my friend that I had looked into finding a suitable artist that I could become a look and sound alike to. He immediately popped up with a song; “That Man” and said he knew her name had “Emerald” in and thought she was Irish!! He described the jazzy, old style influenced music and he said he thought that it would someone to take a look at. As soon as I arrived home I searched the internet and found who I then learnt to be Caro Emerald from Holland!!….a little further than Ireland 🙂

I knew instantly that the music and voice was my style and when I saw her dark hair and curvy figure I was sure I could make a success of a Tribute To Caro Emerald. I bought the only album that was released at that time, Deleted Scenes From The Cutting Room Floor, and listened to the songs repeatedly. The catchy melodies and mambo inspired beats didn’t take long to embed in my brain and I found the tone and accent of Caro Emeralds voice easy to imitate. I knew from watching other tribute acts that to be successful I had to pay close attention to detail to make my Tribute To Caro Emerald as authentic as possible.

Caro Emerald

Tribute To Caro Emerald


I studied some of the main images of Caro Emerald and collected costumes and trialed hairstyles ready for my first photo shoot with Charlotte from Arliss Photograpy. Charlotte is a fantastic photographer with a great eye for detail and spent several hours editing the images to get them to my satisfaction.




Caro Emerald

Tribute To Caro Emerald



We spent lots of time trying to replicate the images as close as possible to the originals, even Caro herself said “I thought it was me!” when she saw them!



After perfecting my lyrics, melodies, accent and timing, it was time to record my audios for my Tribute to Caro Emerald venture. I booked in with Psycho Sound Studios where I knew they would have the time, patience and ear to get my recordings sounding as good as they could be. You can hear my recordings either in my Media Section or my SoundCloud .

Tribute To Caro Emerald

Me With Caro Emerald after the show!!

I decided that I wanted to let Caro Emerald and the record label Grandmono know about my Tribute To Caro Emerald show and I received a wonderful email which resulted in some lovely feedback and an invite to Caros show on her guest list!!

On 24 Jan 2012, at 14:37

Hi Helen,Thanks for your e-mail.

Your project looks amazing, keep up the good work!
Caro loved it as well and asked me to get in touch with you about a spot on the guest list for her show in Birmingham or Manchester.
Could you let me know which one you prefer, so we can get you a ticket?
Keep us posted about your project and all the best with your show.
Best wishes,
Elze Struijk
Management Caro Emerald
My Tribute To Caro Emerald continues to evolve along with the songstress herself including changes of costumes, hairstyles, adding the new songs from the 2nd album and most excitingly the addition of the live band!!
I am so glad that my friend made that suggestion to me back in 2011 at Birch Services because it has been such a success and a joy to perform. After years of singing a wide style of music I have finally found a genre that takes my heart and showcases my talents!! With interest from Holland, it looks as though my Tribute To Caro Emerald and live band will be entertaining the Dutch fans very soon!!

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