• Caro Emerald Tribute Band Tickets

    Caro Emerald Tribute Band @ WM Jazz in London O2!!

    WM Jazz Club


    The Caro Emerald Tribute Band have a fantastically exciting announcement about a gig that will closely follow Caro Emeralds gig at the London O2 Arena!! The Caro Emerald Tribute Band have been booked to (more…)

  • Caro Emerald Acknowledges Tribute Act in BBC Interview!

    Caro Emerald Speaks About Tribute Act during BBC Interview!!

    Caro Emerald appeared in an awesome BBC Radio 2 concert held at the prestigious BBC Radio Theatre in London on 11th April 2013. The concert was aired live on TV through ┬áthe BBC 2 red button facility and fans from all over the UK couldn’t wait to press the red button and see the Dutch songstress bring musical magic to their screens!!

    Throughout the day on the day of the concert there were several interviews and performances from Caro Emerald on BBC Radio 2, giving listeners little teasers for what (more…)

  • The Caro Emerald Tribute Band, meet the members!

    Caro Emerald Tribute Band introduces the new members!

    The Caro Emerald Tribute Band are excited to be rehearsing for future events and weddings offering the full live experience. I have been working towards the Caro Emerald Tribute show to be offered with live musicians as this really is how this music should be delivered! I spent a few months searching for good quality musicians by (more…)