• Is Caro Emerald pregnant again?

    Is Caro Emerald pregnant again? Blooming baby bump on tour!!

    Caro Emerald singing on stage with her pregnant bump

    Caro Emerald on stage pregnant

    I’m sure that the Caro Emerald fans who have attended a recent tour concert or seen the photos are asking “is Caro Emerald pregnant again?”. Her current 25 date UK tour is certainly showing off Caros curvy figure and blooming baby bump, so there’s not really a question to answer! Caro has certainly chosen outfits to show off her perfectly rounded tummy, wearing a tight fitting black midi length skirt with an array of crop, box type tops and jackets. Many stars chose to cover up or completely change their sense of style but it is wonderful to see Caro maintain her style and image and sporting her baby bump with pride!!

    Baby number 2, but Caro continues to tour

    This will be the second time fans may have asked “is Caro Emerald pregnant?’ as back in 2013 when Caro became pregnant with her 1st child resulted in a postponement of her tour. On this occasion Caro Emerald has chosen to continue her tour commitments throughout her pregnancy, but no doubt has a wonderful team to support the needs of an expectant mum!

    Caro Emerald pregnant on tour

    Pregnant Caro continues to tour! Good for her.

    Should I be a pregnant Caro Emerald tribute?

    So what does a Caro Emerald Tribute act do to maintain authenticity? Do I ask hubby for another baby or do I shove a pillow up my top? Just joking!! As authentic as I try to keep my show I draw the line at bringing tribute babies into the world or risking pillow related costume malfunctions! I am however enjoying the new era of Caro Emerald songs, new music is what a tribute act wants and craves!! Hoping to hear some more new tunes which will certainly be performed at upcoming events both solo and with my band. I hope to see some new promo images from Caro soon so I can update my image as my own huge weight loss has made me an even closer lookalike to Caro Emerald. New promo images, recordings and videos are in the near future so keep checking back for info!

    Please also return to find out more Caro Emerald baby related news as I will post as and when I hear anything. My congratulations to Caro and her family for the new baby that is to arrive in the near future.

  • Caro Emerald Gives Birth To Her Baby

    Caro Emerald Becomes A Mummy!!

    **UPDATE**Caro Emerald is pregnant again. Baby No.2 is on it’s way!!

    Caro Emerald announced the exciting news of her pregnancy during her September 2013 UK tour along with the postponement of her planned March 2014 Arena tour. There have been plenty of public appearances and performances during Caro Emeralds pregnancy where she has been seen to be looking as beautifully glowing as (more…)