I Belong To You For Next James Bond Song!!

I Belong To You Hits All The Right Notes For Bond!

Hit song I Belong To You from ‘The Shocking Miss Emerald’ album is the perfect choice for the next James Bond song. Already dubbed as the ‘Dutch Adele’, Caro Emerald could quite easily follow in the footsteps of the soulful ‘Skyfall’ singer by becoming the next glamorous and sultry singer to provide the soundtrack for the next James Bond Movie.

When I attended Caro Emeralds concert at The Lowry in Manchester in September 2013, Caro openly said on stage that the song I Belong To You was written specifically as an unsubtle hint to the Bond film makers that it was Caros dream to be chosen as a James Bond title singer. As the dark and moving introduction of the song started and the cinematic backdrop moved in James Bond logo style effects all the notes fell into place to prove that this song I Belong To You is a sure fire Bond song!!

I Belong To You James Bond

As soon as Caro Emeralds number 1 album was released in 2013, Twitter users quickly began tweeting and promoting the Bond style song by including the hashtag #Caro007 with their pleas to the Bond film makers. A top fan of Caro Emerald has even started a Facebook page named ‘Caro – 077  Caro Emerald For Next James Bond Theme’ . The fans are behind Caro 150% to get her to that James Bond spot and with songs like I Belong To You I’m sure she will get there at some point.

Caro Emerald Tribute I Belong To you


As a Caro Emerald Tribute Act I have recorded a number of songs both from the 1st and 2nd album and these are all uploaded to my SoundCloud account. My SoundCloud channel has had over 22,000 plays to date with one particular song getting the limelight! Guess which one? Of course I Belong To You !! This song has had over 5,800 plays to date which is amazing!! I have had wonderful messages from listeners saying how close the recording is to Caro Emeralds original which is fantastic as I am always working on being the most authentic Caro Emerald Tribute Act. Have a listen and see what you think and lets all keep bugging those James Bond producers to get Caro Emerald to become the next James Bond song singer!!



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  • Cees Jan van den Hoek // // Reply

    Great LADY, great voice

  • Tone // // Reply

    congratulations with your baby 🙂

    • Caro Emerald Tribute // // Reply

      I’ll pass your comments on to the real Caro!!

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