Caro Emerald Glastonbury Festival Annoucement!!!

Caro Emerald Glastonbury 2014!!


Exciting news for UK music festival goers and Caro Emerald Fans!! Caro Emerald Glastonbury Festival 2014…….need I say more? YES!! Not only Caro Emerald Glastonbury Festival, but MAINSTAGE!!!

Caro Emerald Glastonbury


Caro Emerald made the announcement yesterday via Facebook and Twitter, apologizing for her recent lack of activity, understandable seeing as she has just had a baby. But what followed in her announced definitely made up for this quiet time. Her Facebook and Twitter followers have gone crazy with excitement from the fantastic news along with many advising Caro to be armed with wellies, as we all know what a mud fest Glastonbury is!! I wonder if Caro Emeralds baby will go along for the trip!

Caro Emeralds Facebook Update:

“Hi everyone, how have you all been? I know I’ve been quiet lately  but I’m back! And I’ve got the most AMAZING news: I will be performing at UK’s most well known festival Glastonbury Festival (Official) this year! #mainstage #hugehonour #return”


Caro Emerald Glastonbury Festival will be the early stages of her return to touring after giving birth to her baby, what a way to set the standard!! Unfortunately I do not have tickets for Glastonbury as on the day of her performance The Caro Emerald Tribute Band are performing at a wedding in Kettering, but I will make sure that I record the televised version!! For more info about Caro Emerald Glastonbury, click here.

Glastonbury Festival Line Up




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