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The Worlds 1st Caro Emerald Forum – Get Registered!!

The Caro Emerald Forum has landed!! For some time now I have been thinking about developing an online forumĀ for all of you Caro Emerald fans to get together and discuss your favourite Dutch songstress. I have been observing fans on social media discussing and sharing Caro related links and information and I thought that it would be wonderful for fans to have a central meeting point where they could share their love for Caro Emerald with other like minded fans, all in one Caro Emerald Forum.

The Caro Emerald Forum will welcome fans from all around the world, as Caro’s fans are spread far and wide. The Caro Emerald Forum offers the following catagories: Caro Talk!!, Caro Videos, Caro Photos, Tours & Concerts, Caros Fashion & Style, TV & Film, General Chatter, Newbies and Help & Support. So if you have spotted Caro wearing a dreamy dress you can post your pictures and share how you create your own Caro Emerald inspired outfits!!

Caro Emerald ForumCaros James Bond influenced song “I Belong To You” has all the right accolades to show that Caro Emerald deserves be the next 007 singer. The Caro Emerald Forum can be used for fans to discus why they feel that the Bond producers should be seriously considering giving Caro the 007 job!!

The Tours & Concert section will give fans the opportunity to talk about upcoming concerts and festivals, sell surplus tickets and swap accommodation and travel tips. Fans who have seen Caro Emerald before can share their experiences and discuss how Caro and the band bring the album tracks to the live stage!


Be sure to register yourself on the Caro Emerald Forum and start posting and discussing all things Caro!! Have fun!!

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