Caro Emerald Acknowledges Tribute Act in BBC Interview!

Caro Emerald Speaks About Tribute Act during BBC Interview!!

Caro Emerald appeared in an awesome BBC Radio 2 concert held at the prestigious BBC Radio Theatre in London on 11th April 2013. The concert was aired live on TV through ┬áthe BBC 2 red button facility and fans from all over the UK couldn’t wait to press the red button and see the Dutch songstress bring musical magic to their screens!!

Throughout the day on the day of the concert there were several interviews and performances from Caro Emerald on BBC Radio 2, giving listeners little teasers for what was to grace their screens later that evening. I personally devoted my day to listening in, keeping track of the songs and the little interviews where I found Caros lovely and bubbly personality unfolding to the UK listeners. Caro Emerald has as much of a lovely speaking voice as she does a singing one, this I continually work on to impersonate. Her Dutch and sometimes American sounding accent bring her words to life with a wonderful unique and European charm.

Caro Emerald Acknowledges Tribute in Interview

Caro Emerald BBC Radio 2 In Concert

Prior to the concert there was a live web chat interview with Caro Emerald, hosted by BBC 2 presenter Jo Whiley, where Caro would answer fans questions from which BBC Radio 2 had been collating throughout the day. Of course I had emailed many of my very own questions with the hope of being read out on air! To my delight 2 of my questions were chosen. This lead to Caro Emerald speaking about my tribute show and saying some very lovely things such as “I thought it was me”! and “It’s so well done”! I was absolutely ecstatic whilst I was watching live, to hear her speak about me, and the acknowledgment from Caro Emerald really did mean a lot to me and it is also a strong selling point to my tribute act.

Here is the interview starting from my 1st question, my 2nd question is near the end:

The actual live streamed concert was outstanding and Caro Emerald and her band put on a very impressive show which showed the UK what amazing songs and amazing voice Caro Emerald has. I am very proud to have been so publicly acknowledged by Caro Emerald and I love continuing to perform and develop my Caro Emerald Tribute Act.

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